Daily Encouragement: Engage Your Children…

In a day of a steady stream of distractions that are so easy and appealing to give into, I encourage you to turn away from those temptations and focus on interacting with your children instead. The delight you will share with your children will be so satisfying to both you and them.

Gently and deliberately put aside your phone. Quietly and purposefully close the laptop. Look into the eyes of your children and talk with them. Listen to them. Sing with them. Play with them. Include them in your daily tasks. Read with them. Teach them. Walk in the park with them. Enjoy them! This is how you will build relationships with them. And oh how dear are those relationships! 

As I watch my sweet daughter with her precious son, I see his eyes dance as his mama smiles at him, talks with him, encourages him, and enjoys him. Her goal is for him to know he is loved and liked for who he is. It shows.

You’ll never regret spending time with your children, no matter their ages. So resolve today to put away anything that gets in the way of focusing on the special people God has entrusted to you. 

Blessings in abundance to you!

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