Rise and Shine

One simple habit that starts your day out right is getting up before your children. Doing this gives you a chance to get ready for your day, uninterrupted, before serving your family. 

One hour. That’s all it takes, and it pays off in huge dividends through the rest of the day. Your heart will be right because you’ve spend time with God. You’ll have energy because you’ve already eaten. You’ll be ready for whatever pops up because you’re put together.

So, set your alarm for one hour before your children’s waking time. Give yourself 30 minutes for your shower, hair, make-up, getting dressed routine and then 30 minutes for your Bible reading and prayer. Eat while you read. Then, fueled spiritually and physically, you can greet your family with a smile and jump into your time with them. 

Trust me. Rising before your children as part of a regular morning routine is a game-changer and a habit worth cultivating

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