Toy Review – Nuby Silicone Shark Teether and Toothbrush

This is probably the best baby gift that I didn’t know I needed! (Well, next to the Jolly Jumper… that’s for another day, though.) While I worked hard to research and make the comprehensive list of everything I realistically and practically needed for baby, the teether I originally chose didn’t make the cut when it actually came time to offer one to Wee Guy, since I realized the unknown liquid inside could potentially seep out. While I know it probably would have been okay, that wasn’t exactly what I wanted him to be eating!

A friend gave this shark toothbrush/teether to me at my baby shower, and Baby decided that this was, truly, just about the best toy ever! It was ever so comforting when gums were terribly sore, and he even could hold it in his mouth by himself! (He was a bit slower to hold and manipulate objects, since his hands were always cold and covered for the first few months due to him being early and small, so this was a major win.) Given the choice of Sharkie or other toys, hands-down, the seemingly boring shark would always win.

On a side note, this is the only toy that would comfort him on the airplane when he was smaller. Pacifier, bottle, and snuggles didn’t work, but Sharkie eventually stopped most of the tears. Whether teething or blocked ears was the issue, I don’t know, but the chomping would have helped with both.

This toy is one I would absolutely give to any new (or veteran!) mom as a shower gift. Here are some things I loved about this toy…

  • Quiet! This toy has no moving parts, bells, or whistles, so it’s a winner for church or a quiet activity. Airplane ride, anyone?
  • Easy to attach to a pacifier clip, so it travels nicely with Baby and stays clean.
  • Affordable enough that you can even buy a few for those moments you forgot a pacifier clip or to have a spare in the diaper bag.
  • Easy to hold – the shape and size seemed to be just right, and the design was also hard to choke on. We gave it to him around five or six months old, but it’s rated for 3+ months, and I think that would absolutely be feasible depending on your child’s coordination.
  • Toss it in the dishwasher, rinse it in the sink, hand wash it, boil it… this toy is super easy to clean, and it’s held up well to lots of washing.
  • It’s sturdy 100% silicone, and it’s held up well to lots of chomping! It’s also unfazed by tossing, crushing, and just about any other destruction Wee Guy has tried. We’re still on the same shark seven months later, without any visible damage.
  • It’s also done double-duty as a toothbrush to keep his new teeth clean as he’s munched away, and Sharkie is a gentle first toothbrush that made a new hygiene routine fun. Hard to beat that! (Now that his first eight teeth are pretty well in, we’re using a small bristle brush for slightly better cleaning, but this was a great first step.)
  • Personal preference note here… but I thought the shark version (as opposed to the popular banana version or other fun takes out there) was rather fun. To my husband’s chagrin, I actually like the Baby Shark song, so this worked well with that, too. If you’re not a fan, don’t let that dissuade you from this teether – this shark doesn’t really look anything like the popular yellow fish, and it definitely doesn’t play the song!
    • I liked that the shark was also a calm grey color. Again, probably more personal preference, but it was nice for the chaotic teething moments to have a peaceful toy to offer.

Now and Later: This toy has been a favorite from about five months old to now, twelve months old. While other toys are sometimes more interesting at this point, Sharkie is still a fun playmate if offered or left out. I think we’ll be using this shark more in the future as more teeth arrive! It may even be fun for a couple years beyond to add to a Noah’s Ark or animal collection.

5/5 for this multipurpose, quiet, endlessly entertaining teether! I know there are a million teethers out there, and everyone will have the one they swear by, but we found this one to be our favorite.

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