Toy Review – Fat Brain Toys Suction Kupz

Welcome to Toy Reviews! Mom and I have searched high and low (well, at least quite a few hours on Google!) to find fun, educational (but not stuffy) toys for Wee Guy that will stand the test of time and provide a sane backdrop for parents. Read on!

Wee Guy loves this cheerfully colored set of six cups! He got them when he was around eight months old, just as eating everything started becoming the way to go, and they’ve been a favorite in the midst of tasting objects. As he’s gotten older, they’re not always the most entertaining toy, but they’ve definitely remained a go-to and are captivating when we hand them to him.

They’re lightweight, perfect for a baby who doesn’t yet understand gravity, and the suction cup part stays stuck to a flat surface – like his high chair tray – nicely, though they probably aren’t best for holding something like paint. 😉 A huge positive of these squishy cups is that they are QUIET – they’re a fantastic quiet toy for church or phone calls! (Just be ready to grab them – they don’t easily attach to a pacifier clip.) They’ve held up well to Wee Guy’s grab-and-tear attempts and chomps. They’re also dishwasher-safe and quickly washable by hand!

Now and Later: Now, at twelve months/one year old, Wee Guy loves it when we hand one to him or stick one in front of him, but especially when he or Mom cause them to “fly” over his head before a diaper change – and they’ll occupy him for the duration of the change. (Then, no more – he’s on the go!) I think these will be fun bath toys (easily washable and dryable!) and age well as he begins roleplaying, drinking from cups (especially with the different colors), and stacking similarly sized objects.

While, at least at the time of writing this post, the price of the cups would seem rather steep, they held up well and are a worthwhile purchase, even for the cost, both as a quiet toy (yay!) and as a versatile long-term activity.

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